Rose M. Nygaard
“Painting for me is an adventure that sometimes leads to a new
discovery.  I like to use strong bright colors and shapes in my work.  
My desire is to abstract my work, introduce texture and line, and
become freer in my approach.”
Rose enjoys figurative, still life, and abstract painting and printing.  
She also experiments with collage as another way of expressing
ideas and emotions.  She works in different mediums; working boldly
with color and shape.  The design of the work relies on the color,
shape and weight of pigment and how it effects the visual and
visceral reaction of the artist.

Her approach to her art is direct and spontaneous. The chief
objective of her art is to provoke an artistic experience for the viewer
that is both aesthetically pleasing and stimulating.

Rose was graduated with a BA in Studio Art and a Master of Fine Arts
by The American University in Washington, DC.  During her schooling
and since graduation, her work has been shown in several galleries
throughout Maryland, the District of Columbia, North Carolina, New
Mexico, and Virginia.  She has won numerous awards.

She is a member of the Rappahannock Art League Studio Gallery.  In
addition, she belongs to a group of twelve professional artists from
the Washington, DC area that meets monthly for critique sessions.  
These artists also exhibit as a group every two years.